Principles of Santmat

1. The Supreme Element i.e. Ultimate Reality having no beginning and end, unbound, unborn, unseen, All pervading and infinitely more besides should be conceded as the Supreme God, the giver of shelter to all and beyond apara (non-conscious) and para (conscious) - beyond both the natures - beyond attributes and non-attributes, having no origin, infinite, omnipotent, beyond 'time-space, sound, name--- forms and unique, beyond mind, wisdom & sense, upon which Absolute power this whole Universe is moving non-expressed, which is beyond the extent (domain) of Maya which leaves no space beyond it, which is the Absolute eternal, the oldest and is present from the very beginning is considered as the Supreme Spiritual Position - the Supreme Spiritual God, the Almighty.

2. The jivatama is an inseparable part of the Almighty.

3. Nature has its origin and end and has been created.

4. Jivatma within the bound of Maya is placed in the cycle of ( being and becoming ) birth and death. This is the cause of all the miseries of the Jivatma. The only way to freedom is the devotion to the Almighty.

5. Being united with the Supreme Lord human beings have right to get salvation by performing mental repetition of His name, mental meditation of His form, Dristiyoga and Surat-Sabda-Yoga (Nadanu-sandhan) the four steps of Sadhana - the devotion to the Supreme Lord and crossing the three natural veils of darkness, light and sound.

6. Man should keep aloof of falsehood, intoxication, adultery, violence, that is harming any living being and thinking meat & flesh as food stuff and stealing ---- the five great sins.

7. Firm faith in the Supreme Lord, full hope and firm faith of realising Him within self, sincere service to Sri Sadguru, assocition with the saints and firm practice of Dhyan (meditation) should be considered as the five steps for getting salvation.