Ways of Teaching Meditation

A true and qualified teacher teaches the ways of meditation. Four stages of meditation are reflected to the aspirants of Santmat.

A . Manas Jap

This is the repetition of sacred name.

B . Manas Dhyan

This is the practice of focussing a specific image.

C . Dristiyog  

This is the practice of uninterrupted concentration of asubtle point.

D .  Surat Sabda Yog 

This is meditation of divine sound which leads to the supreme Infinite Reality.

Recognization of the spiritual teachers in Santmat Satsang

Those saints and sages of different traditions of the world who have accomplished in the spiritual goal are given due respect and reverence.

Lord Buddha, Lord Mahabir, Jesus Christ, Moha-mmad, Guru Nanak, Kabir, Ramkrishna Paramhans, Meerabai, Tulsi Sahab, Baba Devi Sahab, Maharshi Mehi Paramhans are given due reverence and santmat believes in the emergence of sages in the world.

Santmat offers many new books for the present and future desting as well.

What do I mean by Satsang ?

Satsang means the association with truth. It has two fold process : Inner and outer.

The outer Satsang consists of the sacred teaching of the saints and sages.

The inner Satsang fosters the contemplation on the eternal truth.

The very Satsang is the meeting of the individuals of similar goals and practice, the following topics are taken and presented to the people.

(a) Santmat shows universality- of ideas.

(b) The direction shown in the upnishads and Gita are expressed.

(c) The views of the saints all over the world are the same.

(d) The views and spiritual ideas of the Bilbe and the Quoran are the same internally. Externally they seem different.

(e) Buddhism, Sikkhism, Jainism are not out of track. These isms are one at bottom.

(f) A true teacher is recognised in all the religions of the world.

(g) Inner path of devotion is narrated.

(h) Saints' practice and code of conduct are the source of inpiration for the aspirants.

(i) There is the preaching for avoidance of five sinful acts like falsehood, intoxication, adultery, thefth, violence, not to eat meat.